UnderWater Braai with BraaiBoy and Geko Divers!

Posted: October 7, 2013 by thehenkie in Blogs, Event
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Have you ever noticed the corner way at the back of Aandklas, across from the cocktail bar? There, nestled among the shrouded whispers and creeping shadows, licks of flame and slowly smouldering coals give birth to strange delicacies, all under the watchful eye of our very own Super-Hero. BRAAI BOY.


Rumour and legend have it that the man has not lain down his braai-tong weapon for the past four and a half years. Cryptic notes reveal the tale of a man who has slain the Guiness world record with his uncanny 62 hour braai, all the while smiling as lesser men fell lifelessly to the floor.

This stalwart protagonist Braaiboy, with the help of his personal Argonauts (the brave men from Gecko Diver) are attempting the most impossible feat known to man. They will tempt the fury of Neptune himself by BRAAING UNDERWATER!

Yes, for the first time EVER a man will braai completely submerged!

Underwater Braai header 1

Braaiboy will spend approximately 3 hours underwater on the 12th of October at Ridgebacks Centurion, preparing meat for the masses to behold. We hereby sound the call for all our patrons to come and join the eerie experience. Come and support the stalls, the charities and the merchants of fine drink.

For more info contact them at: http://www.facebook.com/BraaiBoy.fans and http://www.facebook.com/GekoDivers. You can also follow them on @BraaiBoy and @GekoDivers, with the hashtag #UnderwaterBraai.

Wear your ATTRITION jacket to show that we support everything BEUATIFUL & STRANGE!

  1. thehenkie says:

    Reblogged this on Crazy adventure and Insane times! and commented:

    Go and support our friend on this insane adventure 🙂

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